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Belmont House Care Home Work

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  • 10-06-2019
Belmont House Care Home Work

Belmont House Care Home Work

Works at Belmont House care home were to replace the existing plant room and all its equipment to bring it up to date and meet the demands of the building and its residents.

The project involved a lot of planning and designing, included in this was the fact we had to devise a way of keeping the heating and hot water working while we removed all the old equipment and replace it.

The decision was made to hire a mobile plant room and site it in the car park and connect it into the system to allow us to do the works without disruption to the residents and maintaining their care.

The works included provision of a cold-water boost tank and pump set. This allows cold water to be stored and then pumped out at pre-set pressure to combat the poor performance of the incoming cold water main. 

With this system it allows full demand on the hot and cold-water services with no effect on performance.

Installation of two commercial gas boilers were fitted with a plate to plate heat exchanger to protect the boiler and pump sets from the existing system and potential corrosion and debris