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Cricklade House Hotel

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  • 10-06-2019
Cricklade House Hotel

The project at Cricklade House Hotel involved the complete replacement of the plant room supplying hot and cold water, heating and gas to the building.

The continued use of the hotel while works were being carried out meant that hot and cold-water services, along with heating needed to be maintained throughout the duration of the project.

A mobile plant room was the solution and was installed remotely outside the building, with temporary connections made to provide the services still required for normal daily functioning of the hotel.

The demands of a large hotel meant that a scuba tank was chosen to provide and maintain the demands of the hot and cold-water supplies. This was to ensure that water pressure to all the guest rooms, kitchens and laundry could be met at all times.

A new gas service pipework with appropriate isolation was installed to supply the new pair of commercial gas boilers. These were protected by the provision of a large plate-to-plate heat exchanger, to prevent corrosion and debris from the existing heating system entering the primary boiler circuit.

An automatic pressurisation unit was installed to maintain a predetermined system pressure to improve performance, energy efficiency and reduce maintenance. Two large tank-in-tank unvented hot water cylinders were installed to meet the hot water demands and provide rapid heat recovery and energy efficiency.

A water conditioner was installed down stream of the boost tank and pump set to improve water quality and reduce limescale within the hot and cold-water services to the building.

One complication of the installation was the whole of the hot and cold-water systems was chlorinated and tested to ensure they were clean and safe to use.

A period of commissioning and testing was undertaken to fully test the performance of the installation prior to the project being insulated and identification labelled.