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Eccleshare Care Home

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  • 10-06-2019

The works at Eccleshare were to replace the existing plant room with its old 

and in efficient equipment with a new pair of commercial gas boilers and 

unvented hot-water cylinder. This work was done in conjunction with a 

scheme of renovation works to the building bringing the whole project up to 

date and capable of meeting the demands of the residents and the building as 

a whole. 

Due to site limitations a pair of commercial boilers were installed on a freestanding 

rig. A tank-in-tank cylinder was installed to meet hot-water demand 

and provide rapid heat recovery. The heating system was pressurised to 

provide better performance, less corrosion and better energy efficiency . 

A commercial magnetic and particle filter was installed to clean the heating 

system and prevent any corrosion or debris from entering the pump sets and 

boilers, thus ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance in years to come. 

The system was fully commissioned and tested prior to insulating and 

identification labelling. Works have continued on site and we have been 

involved in the renovation works of other aspects of the build including 

alteration to the heating system and w.c , urinal and wash hand basin