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What Are The Benefits Of Installing New Boilers

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  • New Boiler, Gas Boiler, Energy Efficiency
  • Posted date:
  • 16-08-2022
What Are The Benefits Of Installing New Boilers

This article looks at the benefits of new boilers. Find out more about the benefits of switching to a new gas boiler.

The Main Benefits of Switching to a New Gas Boiler:

So many benefits come from replacing an old boiler with a brand-new modern combi boiler and upgrading your household heating controls to ensure your entire central heating system, including radiators, is completely efficient. You'll begin to see financial benefits instantly, and you'll find that your household or property is a great deal warmer.

Here we've compiled a list of why replacing your gas boilers with a more efficient model would be in your best interest.

Warmer And More Comfortable Atmosphere

Thanks to the thermostats and digital timers, different zones or rooms in your home can now have a unique ambient temperature to suit each inhabitant's tastes and preferences. Many people like living areas to sit at temperatures of around 19-22°C, yet may get a better night's sleep with a much cooler bedroom with temperatures of around 16°C. 

You can also control the exact temperature to rise at a particular time in the morning, especially in autumn and winter when mornings are much colder. The ideal bathroom temperature is around 23°C, as we all hate a cold bathroom, especially in the morning. 

Suppose a room isn't being sufficiently utilised, for example, a guest room or spare room; you can control it so that it ticks at a low, desired temperature or shut it down whenever necessary. 

Typically, a room thermostat will override your timer, meaning your thermostat will take over the temperature should you experience a warm spell up until you can adjust the heating controller again.

Reduce Energy Bills

Many of us are used to replacing our belongings and appliances when they become less reliable or too old to function, for example, a new fridge, car or TV. When purchasing new products, there will typically be a financial outlay; however, you'll notice an almost immediate return on your investment when buying a brand-new central heating boiler.

Unlike a whole host of other new items, you can gain visible, instant savings when replacing older models of boilers with more efficient models. For those that wish to switch to a modern combi boiler, you can successfully save money on your gas bills.

Old boilers are far cheaper to repair, so replacing your existing boilers may be wiser for your energy costs than having multiple services a year to fix a deteriorating boiler system.

Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient boiler is essential for every modern home, as you can successfully reduce your heating bills, which is good for your bank balance and overall energy. Traditional non-condensing boilers are approximately 60-70% efficient, meaning at least 30-40% of the generated energy is lost in the environment.

If you multiply this heat loss by the size of a street or town, it's an extensive amount of energy wasted, which is why we are currently experiencing an energy crisis. Modern boilers are approximately 90% efficient, far superior as there is much less fuel or CO2 carbon footprint in the atmosphere curated from wasted fuel.

New, efficient combi boilers and programmable digital controllers that are immediately responsive are the best combinations to help successfully reduce household energy consumption. On-demand hot water and more advanced control allow you to save lots more energy, as you use less gas.

Peace Of Mind

Over the years, as your property or household boilers age, they are more prone to experience breakdowns. Such is why it's vital to ensure that your boilers are serviced annually, as it is the best way to prevent leaks or other faults that could come with the boiler's combustion process.

Changing to a more modern energy-efficient boiler will reduce the chance of boiler breakdowns, and there will typically be less reason for significant repairs over time.

A brand new boiler leaves you with peace of mind that guarantees your entire boiler system is functioning correctly and allows for a new warranty that you can strive to keep valid with yearly service.

Control Of Temperature

Once upon a time, you only ever had the option to turn your boiler off and on. Yet, with modern-day technology, we can now select the temperature of our central heating appliances, which allows us to achieve a comfortable climate for our property or home that complements the weather.

The thermostatic radiator valves have allowed us to change the temperature of the radiators inside our homes, depending on what the valve reaches. Technology has improved considerably, so we can now adjust the atmosphere using various means. However, when we choose to get our household boiler replaced, we often have to upgrade our control system to achieve maximum efficiency.

Technology has advanced so much that many homeowners and customers now decide to purchase digital programmable systems that you can control through various means, including mobile apps.  Some controls allow you to set your boiler to a timer on your tablet, computer or smartphone.

For example, for those returning from holiday, you can activate your boiler from inside the car, taxi or train ride home about an hour before arriving and by the time you get inside, it'll be nice and toasty without having to wait for it to gear up.

You can selectively control your central heating system while you're away from home, keeping it ticking away to ensure your home doesn't get damp or grow mould or mildew. Each combi boiler does not come with an app-controlled thermostat that allows you to discuss your options and requirements.

More Attractive To Home Buyers

Changing your old, inefficient boiler to a much more modern, energy-efficient one will ultimately make your property much more attractive for potential buyers when house or property hunting.

For those interested in selling their homes in the near future or renting to new tenants, it is essential to ensure your boiler is as efficient as possible so that newcomers don't experience any immediate problems.

Many believe that an old, worn-out boiler could make or break the client's decision to choose your property or another on their list. There are so many places online where you can discover boilers at a competitive price to be installed into your home.

Smaller Size Boiler

Another reason why many sought after the modern combi boiler is due to its size and ability to save you plenty of storage space in your home. With a more improved boiler efficiency offering instant hot water, you no longer need more space for a large water cylinder.

Instead, you'll have a neat and streamlined unit that generates hot water through the heat exchanger and heating in your home or property. Such smaller designs are most suitable for smaller houses and apartments that don't offer much useful space in the first place.

The only downside of a modern combination boiler is that it is no longer placed in an old-fashioned airing or kitchen cupboard as it used to for central heating water; however, you now have the liberty of much more extra storage.

Significantly Quieter Boiler Operation

Older boilers get gradually louder as they age, and the years pass due to the amount of wear and tear they will endure along the way. One of the most significant advantages of a new boiler installation in your household or property is the improved designs.

Manufacturers have begun making models much quieter over time. Rest assured that the new boiler model you decide will be substantially quieter than your current appliance.

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