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When Should I Call An Emergency Plumber

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  • Emergency Plumber, Blocked Toilet, Gas Leaks
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  • 02-08-2022
When Should I Call An Emergency Plumber

If you're unsure when you should call an emergency plumber, this article will provide the answers. We provide a comprehensive list plumbing problems that will indicate you need to call a plumber.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Not all plumbing problems occur during the day, throughout regular office hours, or during business days, meaning you could experience a large or small leak or clogged toilet early in the morning or late at night.

Such happenstances can disturb your sleep and prevent you from functioning early in the morning, for example, a clogged toilet late in the night when you're desperate to go or a leak in the kitchen that wakes you up far earlier than you were supposed to.  

 Fortunately, many reputable plumbers in your local area will provide a sufficient emergency call-out service that you can call anytime you need.

When you experience an emergency, you'll need access to plumbers available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Usually, for out-of-hours call-outs, your local emergency plumbers will charge you extra, so you want to ensure that your problem is an emergency plumbing issue before dialling their number. If the issue can wait till morning, you may want to wait and save money on the additional fees.

However, all this aside, to know that you have an emergency on your hands, you'll have to know how to identify one and which ones will require an emergency call-out.

Here is a comprehensive list of the plumbing issues that you will have to call on an emergency plumber as they must be addressed quickly: 

When Should I Call An Emergency Plumber


Flooding on your property is a sure-fire sign of a plumbing emergency, as this can quickly damage numerous possessions, electricals and the structure of your property.

It can also result in an extortionate water bill, so many professionals would encourage you to get it seen at the first opportunity.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked toilets are classed as plumbing emergencies due to the fact they can cause immense risks to your health. Many homes and homeowners only have one toilet throughout their entire property.

It can be challenging to wait until the following day for a plumber to fix it; waiting so long to use your toilet again can harm your health. If your blockage isn't as severe, you can begin by trying a plunger, as this can dislodge unserious blockages.

However, suppose the water has risen too high, or the plunger isn't working as it should call a plumber, and they should arrive at your home without delay.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is just as much of an emergency as a blocked drain or toilet; they both can cause health risks and do grave damage to your property if you neglect the problem for too long.

You'll want to get on the phone with a professional plumber immediately while gathering as many old rags or towels to soak up any spilling water outside of the bowl.

Contact an emergency engineer plumber and act quickly if your drains are overflowing or backed up throughout your property. Sewage backups in your drainage system can become a significant health hazard to those inside your home and the neighbours.

No Water

The next best thing to do is call a plumber to determine the issue and fix it for those with a water supply that has suddenly stopped. A lack of clean water supply in your household is an emergency situation, as everyone has the right to clean water to drink, cook, heat their home and wash up with.

A wise idea might be to check with your neighbours to ensure it isn't a supply problem, of which you would need to contact your local water company, as this is more so their concern.

Taps Won't Turn Off

Alternatively, if you find your taps refuse to turn off, we encourage you to call for an emergency plumber to identify the issue immediately.

Endless running water could pose a flood risk, so it's best to switch off your water supply to minimise the level of damage.

Burst Pipes

You'll want to contact a qualified plumber as soon as possible if you uncover burst or damaged pipes to prevent any severe destruction in your home.

More water seeping around your pipes or no water coming out of the taps are significant signs of burst pipes, where you will need an emergency plumber asap to visit your house and effectively fix the issue.

Pipes are more likely to burst during the winter months due to frozen pipes. In some circumstances, your pipework may need replacements, so get on the phone as soon as you recognise the signs.

Murky Water

If you find that all the water exiting your taps isn't crystal clear as it should be, we recommend calling a local plumber to inspect the pipework inside your household.

Brown, cloudy or murky-looking water left untreated likely isn't safe to drink or utilise to wash yourselves or dishes with.

Water Leak

Water leaks drastically impact the structural integrity of your home, especially if they are left unchecked for too long. One of the most significant signs of a leak that many people look out for is the noise, like small drips; however, some leaks are silent, so you could overlook the issue and continue to damage your household or property substantially and even your personal belongings.

Throughout the existence of a leak, you may discover the growth of mould and mildew, which can cause immense respiratory and health issues for those inhabiting your space. If the leaking water reaches any electrical wiring, it could become a severe fire hazard, leading to shorted wires and circuits.

Such serious damage can be incredibly costly to repair or replace, so keep these areas covered and contact an emergency plumbing service as fast as possible.

Sagging Ceiling

A sagging ceiling due to water damage from leaks or other means is a detrimental issue and, if neglected for too long, can lead to the collapse of your entire ceiling.

As further damage gets more and more severe, so do the costs, especially if it begins to crumble and fall. We recommend turning off your water supply and calling for an emergency plumbing company.

Water Stains

If you have a neglected or unnoticed leak, it may take a little while for the water stains to settle on your ceiling to show that it has been soaking on the floor for a significant amount of time. An emergency plumber is the best way to solve the situation for those worried about extensive water damage.

Low Water Pressure

Another issue you could encounter is low water pressure, and you may be wondering where best to start. Suppose you're experiencing this problem with more than one faucet; in that case, we recommend getting your water pipes thoroughly checked by a professional.

Low water pressure can come from clogged aerators; one of the best ways to remedy this issue is to try cleaning them. Many households and properties across the UK have a pressure regulating valves installed into their system, which effectively regulate the pressure of the cold or hot water from the street into your home.

Yet, if this valve fails, it can result in a significant pressure drop or rise. If you notice such drastic differences in temperature, call a plumber, and they will be able to replace your water valve with a more efficient model.

Clogged Drains

Clogging is bound to happen throughout all households and properties; however, preventing it is no harm. Refrain from throwing or pouring paper towels, hair, wipes, sanitary products and food down the toilet, and whilst doing deep cleans of your kitchen and bathroom, strive to remove as much hair from the drains as possible. 

Be wary that some causes aren't as straightforward to stop; for example, tree roots can grow throughout the cracks of your pipework or drainage tanks and create challenging blockages.

These are most difficult to identify, so you should contact a qualified local plumber to investigate the area.

Water Heater Failure

Water failure is an immediate emergency, as every household requires clean water that varies in temperature. In the dead of winter, the last thing you want is to run out of access to hot water, as cold water can give a shock to the body, which is incredibly dangerous, especially for young children or the elderly, making matters worse if they have existing health problems.

When such happens, and there are no other ways of generating hot water, call a local plumber as soon as possible for water heater repair.

For many homes in the UK with plenty of insulation, the risks of hypothermia are relatively low but not impossible. Getting an emergency plumber on the way is vital, as a cold room alongside water heater failure is a dangerous combo.

Backed-Up Sewage

Many signs of boiler or central heating problems rely on your sense of smell, and backed-up sewage is no different. Your household or property will likely emit a strong smell of sewage if your sewer line is backed up.

Water backup inside your other drains is another sign to look out for. Such means you may notice water surging up the bathroom or kitchen sink when you flush your toilet, or it could begin to pool in various other areas when taking a shower.

Backed-up sewage can result in serious health hazards due to it releasing airborne contaminants; therefore, it qualifies as an emergency. The airborne pollutants can cause fevers, vomiting and gastroenteritis.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are a major emergency for every kind of property and household. There are a few signs; however, the most noticeable will be the smell that reeks of rotten eggs or sulphur.

Natural gas is usually odourless, so many boiler and central heating companies add chemicals to give it a potent scent that you can recognise and that plumbers can accurately identify.

Another essential identifier can be whistling or hissing sounds, especially if they come from close to a gas line. Search for any clouds forming in your vicinity. We encourage you to keep an eye on the flames inside your household's stove or furnace; if they are orange instead of blue, you could be experiencing a ventilation issue.

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